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Hi. I'm Riki. This blog is an attempt at documenting my existence.
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Maude White

I’m. Not. Worthy.


Frozen Characters Designs by Jim Kin (x)


Eksena kanina (9PM), I was at a coffee shop inside the mall.  Just outside, a live band is playing at the alfresco dining/drinking area.  Suddenly, may commotion. People outside frantically rushed to get in. I grabbed my stuff and hurriedly got away from the source of panic. Instead of following the stampeding crowd, I ran up the escalator to the 2nd floor and begged to get inside the nearest open establishment – which happened to be a cellphone store.

Together with the salesladies, I huddled inside their storage area. A frantic store manager motioned for us to remain inside as he started locking the glass doors from outside. Just across us, I can see a hardware store. I thought to myself, if Zombie apocalypse to, my chances of survival will increase if I were in there, I can’t pelt the undead with Samsung S5s and Cherry Mobile Quadcores. (Kung Nokia blockphones pa sana, pwedeng gawing deadly weapon.)

Kidding aside, we started to hear people screaming, and I saw some security guards sprinting, their hands grabbing their guns. I started shaking in fear, kasi if organized crime to, and if the looting started, I’m sure uunahin tong cellphone store. I held my phone with shaky hands and messaged loved ones.

Moments later, the manager who locked us in opened the glass doors and told us to run for it but use the bridge connecting the mall to its sister mall on the other side of the street. I thanked the ladies and ran past worried people who were also emerging from the stores that got locked down. When I got to the nearby mall, it was only when I learned what happened (at least from what I overheard): a man got in a fight with his wife, shot her and held a guard as a hostage at the parking lot of the mall.

I rode a cab to another mall and spent two hours calming my nerves and feeding mosquitoes. Sheesh.

Lupin III

Deconstruction films are defined as films that take apart their respective genres, forcing the audience to not only question why we are watching it, but also the particular filmmaking techniques and tropes.

Films focused on satire are often also referred to as “parody”. They usually pay homage to the work that came before, imitating them in more comedic forms.

Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation.

— Unknown (via perfect)


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Guillaume Côté -The National Ballet of Canada


Harry Potter books covers from around the world.k

Happiness is to be found within your own life, in your thoughts at this very moment. You yourself are most noble and precious. You have no need to be envious of anyone or to long for far-off things.

Daisaku Ikeda (via psych-facts)

There’s a fine line between forgetting an event, and suppressing the memory of it.

Jonathan CoeThe House of Sleep (via vintageanchorbooks)

If I’m on tumblr more than usual that means I have a lot of stuff I need to be doing and I’m trying to avoid doing it.


sweet spot for reflection - at Secdea, Samal Island, Davao

Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.

— Things I’ll teach my children (via sexual-feelings)